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Marriage Tips: Recognize Problems, Seek Help if Needed

The web is full of tips on building a happy marriage, designed to prevent people from ever needing marriage therapy or marriage counseling in the first place. But for many couples, it’s too easy to say “Sure, I do those good things,” even if the marriage is struggling. A list of “warning signs” may hit home a bit more realistically. Psych Central’s recent feature “8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship” by Dr. John Grohol gets at this issue quite well. Even if you recognize several of these behaviors in your own relationship, all is not lost: “This is exactly what couple’s counseling is for,” writes Dr. Grohol. Whether your marriage problems are big or small, the best thing you can do is to find a therapist and start working on them. Addressing problems is the only way they will improve.

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  • David Crowe August 4th, 2011 at 4:15 am  #1

    My mariage is falling apart mostly because of me.My wife has turned to another man in the areas I lack in which is all of the above except the sex as far as I know.Need help but have no one to turn to.I have looked for sources and surprisingly have found none in my area.I live in Bend,Oregon