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Vulnerability and Togetherness: Two Keys to Growing Closer

So your marriage isn’t great (or at least could be better) and you’ve decided to see a marriage counselor. What are your goals? For couples who are fighting all the time, simply not yelling for a day or two may be the immediate goal, with “quality bonding time” as a far off dream. But don’t just work to reduce the negative: increase the positive to fill in that gap. Scientific American Mind finds that vulnerable activities done together go a long way in boosting feelings of love. Sometimes that includes ‘fun’ activities, such as trying something new, invigorating physical experiences (e.g. bungee jumping). Other times, it means sharing personal space, simply being close together. Then there’s emotional vulnerability: honesty and open communication both in marriage therapy and at home. And in any of these situations, eye contact doesn’t hurt either.

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